The Chase Is On

Man I love the feeling of hard work paying off. This blog has been active for over two years, but in the last eight months we have really put our noses to the grindstone. That extra effort is beginning to pay dividends as we are getting emails from publishing companies and artists, asking us to listen to their work. To me this feels like we are definitely grabbing some attention.

Today’s post is another artists asking us to give a listen to his new track. The best part is I have written about him before, and never thought I’d be asked via email to give him some help. Good stuff in my book.

Hoodie Allen hails from Long Island, NY and like most artists these days he has a great back story. Steven Markowitz, aka Hoodie Allen, finished school a Penn and then took a job at Google. He eventually quit that job in favor of being a hip-hop artists, and we should be thankful he decided to take the path less traveled.

Back in September I wrote about his song dedicated to January Jones, off of his 2010 release Pep Rally. Well on Friday he hit us up to let On the Couch know that next week his newest release, Leap Year, will drop. Since you’re a dedicated On the Couch reader you’ll be able to get a free download of his first single “The Chase Is On”. Along with the download check out the video, not only because Sofia Black D’Elia is in it, but because it damn good.

Hope your weekend is great!

Download the track

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