Odd Future: An Accidental Discovery

Tyler the Creator

Part of my morning routine is to watch late night talk shows from the night before and this morning I was watching Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and hit the jackpot of music finds. The biggest reason I watch Jimmy Fallon is to hear what The Roots play for the guest’s walk-out music. To my surprise on last night’s show Mos Def was sitting in with the band. In order to see if he had any funny lines I decided to watch the whole show and found the most memorable part of the episode to be the musical guest.

Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All, or OFWGKTA, is a hip hop collective out of L.A. There are eleven members of the collective, only two made an appearance on Late Night last night. Tyler the Creator and Hodgy Beats performed “Sandwitches”, with The Roots sitting in, and honestly it was the craziest performance on a late night talk show I have ever seen. They were running all over the set and into the audience, the energy was through the roof.

Yes the music can be described as hip-hop but there is definitely spin on this style of the genre. I found the video for Tyler the Creator’s newest track titled “Yonkers” and the only way to describe the visuals and lyrics would be disturbing. Honestly I had not felt that way after watching a video since seeing Nine Inch Nails “Closer” for the first time.

Odd Future is definitely filling the void of disturbing rock acts like Ozzie, Dio, and Alice Cooper. I cannot believe that someone has not taken this path before, because rock has lost its edge and hip-hop lends itself to some many different people. I’ll be honest Odd World is an acquired taste but I will make this prediction, they will be seen as innovators of a new sub genre someday. They are the prototype and time will tell if they are the standard, until then enjoy a fresh new interpretation of hip-hop.

Watch the live performance HERE

Odd Future – Sandwitches

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