Um, Uh Oh… New Say Hi in Eight Days

Ferocious Mopes (2005)

Only eight days until the latest release from Say Hi, formerly Say Hi to Your Mom. In order to celebrate the release of Um, Uh Oh, I am posting my ten favorite Say Hi tracks. Today I will be posting number eight, see number nine here and ten here. Also, check out my post “Say Hi… Again” for details about the new release.

Another very exciting announcement, other than my eighth favorite song, is that Paste Magazine is giving listeners a chance to stream the entire album on their site. Click here to listen to Um, Uh Oh in its entirety.

Now on to number eight, this track may not be the most catchy tune you have ever heard but the subject matter is probably the most original. In fact “Yeah, I’m in Love with an Android” might be the best description of the love our society has for our laptops, cell phones, and other electronic gadgets. Not to mention the android platform on our mobile devices. Listen closing to the lyrics and you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the depth and creativity.

I also wanted to showcase this fan video of the tune because these guys did a great job with it.

Say Hi to Your Mom; Ferocious Mopes – “Yeah, I’m in Love with an Android”

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